What prompted you to connect today? Often it is just an awareness that things are not as they could be.

If you are experiencing behaviors, emotions or simply a lack of connection - bravo for being brave today!

We do brave here. 

 You can reach me through the contact page or simply call 719-271-5052

What Brave Life Can Offer You

These services can help you find fullness again.

Individual or Family Counseling

One on one counseling in designed to help you heal by discovering the root causes of your behaviors, emotions and pain. Safety and confidentiality create an environment where you can grow and take brave steps in reclaiming your life. If you've never experienced counseling before, I work in a highly relational manner that builds trust and allows you to make meaning of your life.

Family counseling is offered for adoptive, blended and distressed families and is based in understanding family systems as well as developmental trauma. Family counseling includes exploring and healing  trauma that can contribute to parenting styles. 

Groups and Workshops

Therapeutic group counseling is made up of 10 or less individuals working together with a counselor. Group allows connection and self discovery through a shared and safe experience. Many find that profound healing can occur in group where feedback and mutually shared experiences offer healing and insight. Group is confidential and closed.


Workshops are offered periodically on topics such as self esteem, trauma, co-dependency, depression and parenting.


One of the most effective treatments is an intensive. 

I offer 5 or 10 day intensives. If you are in the turmoil of a crisis or needing to offer yourself concentrated attention for pervasive wounds and behaviors, an intensive can be transformational. 

I offer intensives 9 months out of the year. The intensive 3 hour sessions are in the morning with creative directional homework in the afternoons. This will be specific to your presenting issues and goals.